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Bank Customers Association of Nigeria is a consumer-protection focused organization that recognizes the inter-dependence between providers and consumers of banking services. It seeks to promote good banking culture and habits among bank customers as well as mutual understanding, trust, confidence and co-operation between banks and their customers. It most importantly aims at protecting the rights and interests of its members.

Bank Customers Association of Nigeria is a national organisation with its Corporate and Co-ordinating Office in Lagos. The Zonal offices are at State Capitals and branches are spread across the country. The Association, to make its work participatory and contributory, has set up various Standing Committees such as Membership Committee, Education and Public Enlightenment Committee, Research and Advocacy Committee, Programmes Committee and Finance Committee. When the need arises, Adhoc Committees are emplaced to look into and advise the Board and Members on specific issues of common interest in the banking industry and the economy.