>>> About Us
  The Association was incorporated by the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) in 2003. The Certificate of Incorporation by CAC bears November 18, 2005 with its number as CAC/IT/NO 19846.  
  The Board of Trustee is the apex organ of the Association. It concerns itself with policy formation and oversight, among other relevant functions that a Board of its nature is expected to perform. The President leads the Association in collaboration and co-operation with and support of the Vice President, General Secretary, Treasurer and Auditor as well as management and all members of the Association.  
Scope of the Activities/Functions
  The Association is born to cater for a broad range of activities within the Banking & Finance Industry in particular and the entire economy in general, that are and may be of interest to its members. Consequently, the Association is interested in, among other things, the following:  
  • Bringing to reality in the banking and finance industry, the kingship of the customer
  • Protection of its members’ rights and interests.
  • Education, enlightenment and knowledge empowerment of its members.
  • Improving the relationship between its members and providers of banking & finance products and services.
  • Improving banking culture and habits.
  • Maintenance and sustenance of banking ethics, professionalism and best practice.
  • Making peace (settlement of misunderstandings) between its members and providers of Banking & Finance Services/Products.
  • Research and publications in areas of its primary and secondary interests.
  • Advocacy aimed especially at ensuring a safe and sound banking industry.
  • Fostering nation-wide financial inclusion.
  • Networking, collaboration, co-operation and support among its members.