>>> Purpose and objectives

  The purpose for the birth of BCAN is to provide credible and common platform for customers of banks in Nigeria to consider, take decisions and actions on matters of common interests to them. Consequent on the foregoing board purpose, the Association’s specific objectives include the following:
  • To educate the Nigerian general public on the advantages inherent in the operations of efficient banking policies and the need to develop a healthy banking culture.
  • To publish books, magazines, journals, newsletters, etc with the sole purpose of enlightening the general public and enriching the economy.
  • To gather, analyse, evaluate, disseminate and share information on banking, finance and other related subjects;
  • To promote and enhance banking culture and habits;
  • To foster and promote good banker – customer relationship;
  • To strengthen the ties among Bank Customers;
  • To contribute to the development of banking and finance education through tutorials, seminars, workshops, conferences, etc.
  • viii. To participate in any programme relating to or concerning the interest of its members.
      The major expected outcomes of the above will include the bringing about of a voice for the voiceless, dismantling of perpetuated abuses against banks’ customers, installation of the much needed market discipline and best practice in the banking sector. The ultimate is improved consumer confidence leading to sustainable banking in Nigeria.